ZeroBounce reviews and alternatives

ZeroBounce reviews and alternatives We have have researched ZeroBounce reviews and alternatives to ease your search for a reliable email verification tool. Let us know your experience with ZeroBounce in the comment section. Editor’s comment. ZeroBounce, without a single doubt, is the most sought after email validation tool. ZeroBounce has been ranked #40 on the […]Read More

Top Free Email Verifier (Only free trial accounts) – 2021

Last updated on February 25th, 2021 at 05:02 amA free email verifier is a useful service to quickly verify emails without worrying about email budgets. Who can take benefits of free email verification tools? Those who are not willing to spend much on their email marketing efforts Those who are unsure about the email validation […]Read More

What, why and how of CAN-SPAM compliance?

CAN-SPAM compliance is all about being mindful and transparent. Email marketing is still alive and generates the highest revenue. The email marketing campaigns to be successful in the long-term needs to be compliant. There are regulations like GDPR and CAN-SPAM which every business needs to follow. Neglecting the key regulations are costly mistakes. For e.g. […]Read More

How to limit WordPress login attempts?

How to limit WordPress login attempts? When we talk about adding an extra security layer to your WordPress website. Limiting the login attempts is what first comes to the mind. However, there is more to WordPress security than just limiting login attempts. Limiting the WordPress login attempts simply secures your website if anyone tries to […]Read More

How to change WordPress login URL

How to change a WordPress login URL? Top rated plugins to change WordPress login URL. Change wp-admin login Rename wp-login.php WPS Hide Login Custom Login URL Before we jump on to changing the WordPress login URL. It is important to understand why it is important to change the default WP login URL. WordPress has the […]Read More

Best WCAG compliance solution and services – 2020

WCAG is an abbreviated form of the Web content accessibility guidelines. WCAG is produced by the W3C i.e. World wide web consortium. The key idea behind WCAG compliance is making your website easily accessible and useful to all the users. Before we jump on to the tools and services that make your website WCAG compliant. […]Read More

WordPress security services and plugins – 2020

Last updated on May 3rd, 2020 at 07:27 pmWordPress security services and plugins are must-have tools to help protect your WordPress website. There can be a malicious attack on your website which can make your website completely inaccessible. To prevent such attacks there are security plugins as well as services that prevent such attacks from […]Read More

DeBounce Versus ZeroBounce – Email verification tool compared

Last updated on May 9th, 2020 at 02:15 pmWe compare and review email verification tools by its feature, pricing, accuracy and customer support. To help you select the best alternative. DeBounce – At glance ZeroBounce – At glance DeBounce Vs. ZeroBounce – Email verification tool Editor’s comment – DeBounce Editors Comment – ZeroBounce​ DeBounce is […]Read More

Remote work monitoring software – 2020

Last updated on April 10th, 2020 at 03:54 pmRemote work monitoring software is in demand thanks to the current market chaos. With the current market condition, the demand for remote work looks bright. More than 75% of the workforce is expected to work remotely in the US. To keep the remote employees productive it is […]Read More

OnPage Champ Review – Best OnPage SEO Tool

What is OnPage Champ? OnPage Champ is an online tool that helps website owners and digital marketers optimize websites for faster Google rankings, at the same time keep a track of such changes that happen from time to time. OnPage Champ serves 2 major purposes It acts as an index of the web and shows […]Read More