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15+ Email Validation And Email Verification Tools Compared

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What Is Email Verification And Validation?

In simplest of the terms, email verification is checking the email address for its validity. Email validation not only allows you to check if the email account exists but also shows the sub-status of an email account i.e. role-based email, catch-all email, disposable email or spam-trap. An email validation tool helps you to clean your email database with a few clicks.

Do I need An Email Validation Tool To Clean Email Database?
An email validation tools act’s as an extra cushion to help your email marketing campaigns operate at its full pace by removing all the bad and dead emails from your mailing list. Below are the few important questions that will help you decide if you really need an email validation tool.

  • Are you experiencing a high number of hard bounces from your email campaigns?
  • Are your email engagements rate lower?
  • Is your IP or domain blacklisted?
  • You’re spending a lot of email marketing dollars without a significant return?
  • Have you purchased an email list?
  • Do you collect email addresses with an email marketing intent?

If your answer is “Yes”, to any of the above questions, you are in an immediate need of an email validation tool. That will not only clean your email database but will also have below-mentioned benefits on your email campaigns.

Benefits of Using An Email Validation Tool.

Using an email validation tool will surely do a lot of good to your overall marketing campaigns. Apart from these are the key benefits.

  1. Lower email marketing cost
  2. An email validation tool removes all the bad and invalid email accounts from your list. Mailing to only deliverable email accounts will lower your email marketing cost to a great extent.

  3. Increased email open rates
  4. There is no point of running email campaigns that are never opened or the open rates are below acceptable. Email validation tool gives you a separate list of valid or deliverable email addresses which will mostly hit the inboxes, which will have a better chance of your emails being opened.

  5. Few hard bounces from email campaigns
  6. Cleaning an email list with an email validation tool will remove all the bad and invalid email accounts from your email list. Mailing to only safe-to-send and deliverable email accounts will lower the bounce rate from the email campaigns significantly.

  7. Better chance of hitting the inboxes every time!
  8. An email validation tool is really helpful in avoiding spam folders, it cleanses your email database and divides the entire email list by it sub-status like role-based, catchall, disposable and valid and invalid. Every email validation tool in the market gives deliverability guarantee which ensures you are able to hit maximum inboxes from every email campaign.

  9. Better insights into your email data
  10. Knowing your data helps you send very targeted email campaigns. Email validator segregates your email data by its status and sub-status which provides a significant insight into your mailing data. Also, some of the email validation tools like ZeroBounce and DeBounce also provide data enrichment which reveals key information like Birthdate, First and last name and so on.

Best Email Validation And Verification Tools by Pricing – 2019

Email Verifiers/Pricing500 Emails1k Emails2.5k Emails5k Emails10k Emails25k Emails

Best bulk email verifier – 2019

DeBounce – Best email list verification for small business and start-ups.

Image result for bulk email verifier
DeBounce was established in early 2018, the highly competitive pricing and accurate email validation results make DeBounce a top-notch email verifier. DeBounce offers credit back guarantee on its email validation results which ensures peace of mind for its clients. Also, with 100% GDPR compliance DeBounce is the only email verifier that verifier and QQ mail accounts accurately. DeBounce can be trusted for cleaning an email list effectively.

DeBounce salient feature

  • 100% GDPR compliance
  • Accurate email validation results
  • Cost-effective email validation solution
  • Accurate validation of and QQ email accounts
  • 100 free email verification – No credit card required
  • The basic plan starts at $10 for 10000 email verification
  • 9.7 ratings on Trustpilot
  • 97.50% Deliverability guarantee

DeBounce – Bulk email verifier at glance

Basic plan$10
Turnaround time3-5 minutes
Free trialYes
Credit card requiredNo
Real-time verification APIYes
Format for file upload.txt
Results download.csv
Enterprise planYes
Deliverability guarantee97.50%
Credits/money back guaranteeYes
WordPress pluginYes

EmailListVerify – Feature-rich email validation

Image result for bulk email validation
EmailListVerify is amongst the feature-rich email verification service that integrates with major email marketing tools. EmailListVerify offers 1000 free email verification upon successful sign-up which is great for validating a one-off email list. The flexible pricing plan is what makes EmailListVerify a worth-considering option.

EmaiListVerify salient feature

  • 100% GDPR compliance
  • Free 1000 email verification
  • Integration with major email marketing tools
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee
  • The basic plan starts at $4 for 1000 email verification

Clearout – Affordable, Quick and Accurate Email List Cleaning

Image result for email validation service
Clearout is amongst the newest tool to break into the email validation market, with 98%+ accuracy and quick turnaround time Clearout is giving tough competition to the best email verifier in the market. In-built Lead finder is one eye-catching feature that makes Clearout an effective option to choose for email list verification needs.

Clearout salient feature

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Accurate email verification with 98%+ accuracy
  • 24*7*365 customer support via live chat
  • In-built lead finder app for creating valid B2B prospects
  • The basic plan starts at $2.5 for 500 email verification

MailboxValidator – Easy to use email list validation service

Image result for email verifier
MailboxValidator is an easy to use email validation service that offers the bulk plan for validating an email list. The email verification credits are valid for 30 days from the date of subscription. MailboxValidator can be integrated with ease with email marketing tools.

MailboxValidator salient feature

  • An accurate email verification tool
  • 100% GDPR Compliance
  • 96% email deliverability
  • App available on Google Play and iOS
  • The basic plan starts at $19.95 for 1000 email verification

Bounceless – Free email validation service

Image result for bulk email validation
Bounceless is the best email validation tool to consider if you are looking for a completely free email verification tool. Bounceless offers generous 100 free email credits daily to clean an email list in smaller quantities. Also, Bounceless offers special pricing discounts for start-ups and NGOs. With 24/7 customer support via live chat and effective email list cleaning results, Bounceless can be the go-to tool for cleaning an email list.

Bounceless salient feature

  • 10x reduction in bounce rate
  • 100 free email verification daily
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat
  • Easy integration with email marketing tools
  • The basic plan starts at $19 for 2500 email verification

Best Free Email Verifier And Free Email Verification Tools – 2019

To be frank, there is no such thing as free email verifier. But, you can take advantage of a free trial account by email verifier which helps you to experience the services and features of email validation tools. Also, the free trial account is useful for validating email list in smaller quantities. Here is the list of free email verifier that offers free email verification on one-time, daily and monthly basis.

  1. Bounceless – 100 free email verification daily
  2. HuBuCo – 100 free email verification daily
  3. EmailListVerify – 100 free email verification every day for 10 days
  4. ZeroBounce – 100 free email verification monthly
  5. DeBounce – 100 free email verification one time
  6. EmailVerifier – 50 free email verification one time
  7. EmailListValidation – 100 free email verification one time
  8. EmailMarker – 150 free email verification one time
  9. Clearout – 500 free email verification one time
  10. DataValidation – 200 free email verification one time
  11. MailboxValidator – 100 free email verification one time
  12. EmailChecker – 50 free email verification one time

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