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EmailChecker – Email verification for the professionals

 EmailChecker – Email verification for the professionals

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Last updated on August 17th, 2020 at 07:48 pm

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Editor’s comment

EmailChecker is the most preferred email verification tool. The key feature of an email verifier is its accuracy and data security. EmailChecker ticks both the boxes with its reliable email list cleaning service.

In-depth analysis of the EmailChecker’s email verification service.

Free Trial Account

To be assured of its feature-rich email verification suite, EmailChecker provides a generous 50 free email credits.

You can verify 50 emails for free with no credit card required.


Pricing is the determining factor while selecting any tool. EmailChecker offers flexible pricing packages including prepaid credits and monthly plans.

  • The prepaid plan starts from $14 for 1000 email verification
  • The monthly plan starts from $10 for 1000 email verification

Here is the price comparison of 15+ leading email verification service.

Customer Support

Customer support is a quintessential feature that you must verify before handing over your email data to any of the email verifier.

EmailChecker does a wonderful job by providing round the clock customer support for its clients. EmailChecker is a highyly ranked service on leading review website Capterra.

Below are the details of top-notch customer support by EmailChecker. (Live chat/Phone and email support are provided during business hours)

  • In-depth Knowledge base
  • Phone support
  • Live chat support
  • Email Support

Real-time Email Verification API

The real-time email verification API is a must-have tool if you collect emails on your website on a daily basis. Real-time email verification API validates an email right at the point of entry i.e. sign-up forms, checkout forms or POS.

EmailChecker’s API is compliant with major programming languages like C#, Python and Java. EmailChecker provides an accurate real-time API that can be integrated easily with third party solutions like WordPress and Magento.

Email Verification Accuracy

Accuracy is what you need to deeply clean your email marketing list. With too many shady email verification services out there, it is difficult to choose the accurate email verifier. It is a known fact that many email verifiers are not able to verify Yahoo mail accounts accurately.

EmailChecker standouts in when it comes to verifying Yahoo mail accounts accurately. With more than 98% email verification accuracy you won’t be disappointed using EmailChecker for cleaning your email list.


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