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How to increase email open rates? The Swiggy way.

 How to increase email open rates? The Swiggy way.

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Last updated on December 8th, 2019 at 06:59 pm

Email open rates are an important metric to assess the success of email marketing campaigns. If your open rates are low there is a lot to do with your email campaigns.

What is the Email open rates?

Email open rates are the total percentage of your subscribers that opened your email. It depends on the factors like relevancy of your email (including the subject line), the timing of your emails, email deliverability, and the email list.

Also, the open rates vary depending upon the industry. The average mail open rate is approximate 17.92% (Across all the industries). Here is the detailed guide by Campaign Monitor comparing the open rates across the different industries.

Swiggy redefined the mail open rates by achieving 25% open rates from its users base of 25 million. Before we dig into what is Swiggy’s way of high open rates it is important to understand the factors that are responsible for email open rates.

How to increase the email open rates?

  • Clean your email list
  • Email list is the key asset that can make or break an email marketing campaign. It is imperative to clean your email list clean at all times to hit the inboxes of your email subscribers frequently. Remove all the invalid and undeliverable emails by running your email list with an email validation tool.

  • Segment your email list
  • Your email list deserves a special treatment, one email campaign for the entire email list is never a good idea. Keep your email list segmented by the demographics, interest, past behavior and purchases. Email list segmentation helps you send relevant and targeted emails to your email subscribers.

  • Avoid spam filters
  • Avoiding spam filters is an important task for running a smooth email campaign that reaches more inboxes rather than spam folders. Keeping your email copy spam-free and targeted will lower your spam complaints.

    Spam filters are the emails designed to trap spammers. Hitting one such spam email will badly hurt your email deliverability and will cause a lot of trouble for your email campaigns.

    Spam-traps can be easily removed by running your email list through an email validation tool.

  • Send emails on the right time
  • Sending emails on right time can drastically improve your open rates. Measure your email campaign metrics and identify what is the right time for your audience to receive your email message. Here is the blog post for sending emails on right time.

  • Right openable subject lines
  • Subject line is the very first thing that your audience will see. You have a few seconds to win the attention of your readers. The email subject line determines if your email will be opened or will be ignored just like any other email marketing message. Craft an openable subject line that is not misleading but set-ups the straight expectations of what’s inside.

  • Avoid spam triggering words
  • Keep your email subject line as well as the email copy completely spam-free. If your email message contains the spam triggering words like “Free”; does not matter how good your email is, it will go into the spam folders. Here is the list of spam triggering words that you must avoid at all costs.

  • Send relevant emails
  • Don’t make your email copy’s too salesy all the time. Understand the interests of your subscribers and send them targeted emails. Try sending free offers, trials, tutorials, and e-guides to keep your email subscribers engaged.

Siwggy’s, way of nailing the email open rates

Swiggy a food delivery platform nailed the email marketing open rates by its highly systematic AI-based email marketing approach.

Swiggy was able to achieve 25% email open rates and 7% CTR with its users base in millions.

Swiggy’s goal was simple – To build curiosity amongst its users. Swiggy embedded its email copies with a straight forward CTA that directs its users to their app to access their unused coupons.

The email marketers at Swiggy were not in a hurry to reveal the details of the coupons through its subject line or email copy. The users had to open the Swiggy app in order to view the coupon or offer.

Here is the breakdown of the out of the line steps that Swiggy adopted to boost its email open rates.

  • The Openable Subject line
  • “Ooh! You’ve got coupons!” – Setting-up the straight expectations of what to expect inside the message.

  • Highly personalized CTA
  • That does not misguide the users – Directing users to the right and the targeted section.

Last but not least, a crisp and clear email copy that is not filled with unnecessary information.

Over to you, go ahead and rule your email marketing campaigns.


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