How to clean an email list with email validation tools?

 How to clean an email list with email validation tools?

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A clean email list is one of the most important factors contributing to your email marketing success. During the process of collecting email leads, sometimes you end up collecting bad emails. Such bad emails do not bring any monetary value for your business rather dampens your email marketing success.

To run a successful email marketing campaigns the email list must be segmented and verified on a regular basis. Fortunately, verifying the email list with email validation tools is easy and can be done by just a few clicks.

How to clean an email list

There are mainly two methods to keep your email list clean as mentioned below.

  • Real-time email validation
  • Bulk email validation

Real-time email validation – As the name says real-time email validation, validates the email address for its validity as and when the email is being entered. Real-time email validation is carried out via the email validation API. Real-time email verification API can be integrated with any of the forms that your website uses for collecting emails i.e. Sign-up forms, subscription forms, check-out forms, POS and so on.

Here is the list of email validation tools that offers free real-time email verification API

  1. NeverBounce
  2. NeverBounce email validation tool is trusted by a larger chunk of customers due to its high accuracy and reasonable pricing, NeverBounce offers a generous 1000 free email validation via API.

  3. MailboxValidator
  4. MailboxValidator is one of the fasters email verifier, MailboxValidator offers 300 free email validation via API.

  5. Verifalia
  6. 25 free email validation via API

Bulk email validation – Bulk email validation is useful in cleaning an email list at once, with email validation you can clean your email list with any number of emails in it. Email validation is recommended if you have not validated your email list for quite some time or experience low email deliverability rates on your email campaigns. With bulk email validation an email list can be validated just by uploading your email list with any of the email validation tools. To start with below is the list of email validation tool that helps you clean an email list for free.

Email Verifiers/Free validationDailyMonthlyOne-time
DeBounce100 emails
HuBuCo100 emails
EmailVerifier50 emails
EmailListValidationNANA100 emails
EmailListVerify100 emails for 10 days
EmailMarker150 emails
Clearout500 emails
DataValidation200 emails
MailboxValidator100 emails
Briteverify100 emails
Bounceless100 emails
ZeroBounce100 emails
Xverify100 emails
EmailChecker50 emails
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