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MailChimp omnivore decoded! Get past MailChimp omnivore with ease.

 MailChimp omnivore decoded! Get past MailChimp omnivore with ease.

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Last updated on July 24th, 2021 at 12:14 pm

MailChimp Omnivore is the bad news for all the email marketers. You won’t be able to send email campaigns once your email list receives the Omnivore warning.

MailChimp’s omnivore warning shows that the health of your email list is in the bad shape. It is important that you run your email list through an email validation tool. Cleaning your email list will help you get to pass through the omnivore situation.

What is MailChimp Omnivore Warning

MailChimp checks your email list for possible hard bounces and spam traps. If your email list is in a bad shape, you can not send email messages to that list. The Omnivore algorithm is accurate and predicts the performance of your email list. If the email list looks risky your account will get an alert for Omnivore warning.

The first plan of action as stated by MailChimp is to clean your email list. You can clean your email list with the help of an email validation tool.

How to Get past the MailChimp Omnivore Warning?

MailChimp omnivore is definitely a bad sign. But it also saves you by lowering your email marketing cost. There are three different scenarios where you can get an Omnivore warning. Below are the scenarios and how to get rid of MailChimp Omnivore’s warning.

#1 If you are importing a new set of an email list.

If you have been using MailChimp for your email marketing needs without any warning. And, come across omnivore warning, the latest email list could be the possible problem.

Remove your latest email import from MailChimp. Clean your email list with an email verifier and re-import your clean email list.

#2 If you haven’t imported any new contacts recently.

You can get an omnivore warning even if you have not imported any new contacts recently. The key reason being all the email addresses in your email list will decay over a period of time. You will need to check your email list and remove all the bad or undeliverable email accounts from time to time.

An email account gets converted into a recycled trap. After certain days of inactivity by the inbox providers.

  • Outlook – 270 days
  • Gmail – 270 days
  • Yahoo – 180 days
  • AOL – 90 days

#3 You are not sure if any new contacts were even imported.

If your MailChimp account is accessible by your team. It is difficult to identify if any new contacts are imported recently. With MailChimp, you can segment your data and remove the contacts that cause the problem. Below are the steps for segmenting your data with MailChimp.
Image result for MailChimp omnivore warning

  • Login to Your MailChimp dashboard
  • Create a segment
  • Date added
  • Is after
  • A specific campaign was sent
  • And choose your last successful campaign

Export the data of your last successful campaign and re-confirm them outside of the MailChimp.


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