OnPage Champ Review – Best OnPage SEO Tool

 OnPage Champ Review – Best OnPage SEO Tool

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What is OnPage Champ?

OnPage Champ is an online tool that helps website owners and digital marketers optimize websites for faster Google rankings, at the same time keep a track of such changes that happen from time to time.

OnPage Champ serves 2 major purposes

  • It acts as an index of the web and shows you what all on-page SEO changes happened on a website in the past.

    This information is helpful to understand the journey of websites and learn from it.
  • It helps you run on-page optimization by building on top of the SEO best practices of your competitors.

While most of the other on-page SEO tools give you static analysis (e.g. they tell that your page has a missing Page Title), OnPage Champ goes a step further and tells you how you should frame the title, basis what your competitors are doing.

e.g. 2 of the top 10 users have an exact match keyword in their Page title.

The core idea is that OnPage Champ helps you understand what’s working for the top 10 Google results so that you can pick their best practices and build on it.

Key features of OnPage Champ

Right now, OnPage Champ offers 3 main features as below.

  1. Domain tracking
  2. Do you remember the changes that you last made to your website and their impact on SEO rankings?

    If not, fret not. Using OnPage Champ’s domain tracking functionality, you can keep a note of all the important on-page SEO changes that happen on any website (yours’ or your competitors’).

    There are multiple use cases of this functionality as below.

    • If you have outsourced your SEO work to an agency, use OnPage Champ to keep an eye on the progress.
    • If you have an in-house SEO team, keep a note of changes that are happening on your website. Take corrective actions before any such change results in a rank fall.
    • Track your competitors and understand the pages where they are actively focussing on. This might show you some hidden ranking opportunities.
    • Knowing the pages that your competitor is adding afresh opens up a lot of keyword ideas for you.

    Here’s a sample data that gets shown as a timeline
    OnPage Champ timeline

    And here’s how the changes are displayed
    changes in page title

  3. URL Tracking
  4. If you are interested in tracking just a specific URL and not the entire domain, OnPage Champ allows you to do that.

    One awesome feature is that you can add a keyword against specific URL and track the Google rank fluctuations, as shown below.
    Google rank tracker

  5. SERP Audit
  6. This is one of the features of OnPage Champ which I just love.
    All you need is your focus keyword, target country, and target page; and OnPage Champ will show you the content gaps in the URL, comparing it with the top 10 Google results.

OnPage Champ pricing plans

Free plan

You can signup for their free plan which offers you to track 3 domains and run 10 SERP audits a month.

You don’t need any credit card to register. Just fill in your name and email address and start using the tool in less than 10 seconds.

It’s that easy and simple to use.


OnPage Champ is very competitively priced given the value it offers.

They offer both monthly and annual plans, with the lowest plan prices at just $14.

If you go for an annual payment, you can get the same plan at $11 a month (payable annually).

There are also higher plans available which allow you to track more domains, more URLs and run more SERP Audits.

If you signup via my code, you can get flat 15% off on any of their plans, that too every month. Use code LETSWP during checkout at the pricing page.
OnPage Champ promo code

Customer Support

OnPage Champ offers exceptional customer support via email, live chat and Zoom conferencing.

The founders are directly involved in the support, so you see a lot of willingness to help by the support team.

To Conclude..

In all, I loved OnPage Champ for the unique functionality it offers.

While there are many OnPage SEO tools in the market, OnPage Champ is completely different from them.

The developers are adding more features every month to it and I see a great tool that’s shaping up.

I will rate OnPage Champ 5/5 for the work they are doing.

My only suggestion for them is to improve the product UI.


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