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WordPress security services and plugins – 2020

 WordPress security services and plugins – 2020

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Last updated on May 3rd, 2020 at 07:27 pm

WordPress security services and plugins are must-have tools to help protect your WordPress website.

There can be a malicious attack on your website which can make your website completely inaccessible.

To prevent such attacks there are security plugins as well as services that prevent such attacks from ruining your website.

What are the WordPress security essentials?

WordPress is no doubt a secured CMS, but adding an extra layer of security is a good idea unless you are not concerned about giving-up your website(s) to the hackers.

  1. Selecting a good web hosting service.
  2. Changing the WordPress login URL.
  3. Taking the help of WordPress security services or plugins.
  4. Limit your WordPress login attempts
  5. Installing an SSL certificate.
  6. Using a strong password.
  7. Limiting the login attempts

Top 10 WordPress security services

  1. Sucuri
  2. Sucuri review
    Sucuri is nothing but the best service across the web for securing your websites.
    Sucuri is complete website protection including WAF protection, monitoring, incident response, and performance boost.

    Sucuri key features

    • WAF protection
    • With Sucuri’s WAF also known as Web application firewall, your website can be protected against malware attacks, DDoS attacks, brute force attacks.

    • Website malware scanning and detection
    • Sucuri has its own state-of-art malware scanner that scans your WordPress website against possible malware, hacks and blacklist status.

      Also, you can choose to receive daily updates and alters for website monitoring.

    • Incident response
    • Sucuri will not only scan your website against the malware but also helps in removing the website malware, blacklist status, and repair SEO spam.

      Also, the potential future attacks are taken care of by the Website application firewall.

    • Performance boost
    • As said above, Sucuri is a complete package for your website security.

      The performance boost offers increased website speed with a global content delivery network and multiple caching options.

    Sucuri pricing plans

    Sucuri pricing plans are built for everyone including small businesses, enterprises, and web professionals.

    All the plans are paid on a yearly basis with a 30-Day money-back guarantee.

    • The base plan starts from $199.99/year.

      The base plan does not cover support for the existing SSL certificate which is important for an end-to-end encryption.
    • The pro plan starts from $299.99/year.

      The pro plan does not include support from a dedicated account manager.
    • The business plan starts from $499.99/year.

      The business plan does not include support from a dedicated account manager.
    • The custom enterprise plan includes a support from a dedicated account manager. Also the additional customer support includes live chat, ticket and email.
  3. SiteLock
  4. SiteLock WordPress security review
    SiteLock is focused on providing WordPress security services to the SMBs that are more vulnerable to the attackers.

    SiteLock’s premium offerings is available at fairly reasonable plans making attractive to every size of WordPress website.

    SiteLock key features.

    • Website protection
    • The automatic website protection feature not only protects your WordPress website but also your visitors.

      The Website protection from SiteLock finds, fixes and blocks all the potential threats that comes under its radar.

    • PCI compliance
    • PCI compliance is required by individual or website that stores, processes or transmits payment card information.

      With SiteLock PCI compliance you just need to answer a simple questionnaire to make your website 100% PCI compliant.

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